Living Life Through Love, with Fabrizio Che

Throughout our numerous heartfelt conversations over the years, me and Fabrizio always find ourselves coming back to the same conclusion, that the most important thing is love and that it is at the heart of all that truly matters. So we decided to put some of our thoughts together on how we can live more loving lives, follow our inner guidance and intuition and step back from the thinking mind.

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Self Love Rituals

Over the last few years I have been cultivating a few daily self-love rituals and as a result have felt myself becoming stronger and more compassionate towards myself and others. It’s so important to have a strong base of self-love as it enables you to face challenges in life without relying too much on external things or any addictive habits.

These are just some things I do every day to improve my overall wellbeing, which I have find to be very effective in cultivating more inner strength and joy. Every time I speak to people about staying positive I think about all these little things I do to ground me and wish I had a simpler way of sharing them so here it is, I hope you enjoy!

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Choosing Hope Over Fear: Why I Decided to Become Plant-Based

The longer I have been plant-based, almost a year now, the more reasons I have found which encourage me to continue this way, and the less interest I have in ever going back. The more conversations I have with people who support the meat and fish industries the more sure I become of my choice to live a lifestyle which gives me peace of mind and a healthier mind and body. I do believe that being conscious of the decisions we make and being conscious of what we are participating in is most essential. Sustainability and ethics are two subjects which are difficult to separate, and within both are many valid, yet often very different, reasons to become more plant-based.

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Laugh and Cry Until You Understand Everything: My Experience with the Ananda Mandala Meditation

I knew Ananda Mandala could be a powerful, life changing experience, but I did not expect to loose control of my body and enter a new state of consciousness in the way that I did. ‘Ananda Mandala’ means “bliss circle” in Sanskrit, and is an intense breathing meditation that was developed at a university in India. Originally it was a method practiced by yogis to release deep seated emotions and reach a higher level of consciousness. It’s usually done in groups, but I chose to do it sitting across from my partner in the comfort of our room. This turned out to be a good decision when I ended up lying down, crying heavily and with snot dripping out of my nose… not my finest moment, yet worth the enlightenment that followed.

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How Surfing Helped Me Regain Trust in the Universe

“I am not going to give you a destination. I can only give you a direction- awake, throbbing with life and the unknown, always surprising, unpredictable. I’m not going to give you a map. I can give you only a great passion to discover. Yes, a map is not needed; great passion, great desire to discover is needed.” – Trust, OSHO

I have experienced moments in the last few years where I have struggled to have total faith in the universe. Since then I have come to understand that personal doubt, lack of confidence, anxiety and depression all stem from an underlying lack of trust in the world. Without trusting your path, without trusting the process that is unfolding for you, you can become unbalanced and may begin to feel lost. Many of us have been there, I’ve definitely been there more than once. In the past, I might have referred to ‘anxiety’, but that word is so loaded with negative connotations, I prefer not to use it much anymore. When I came across “lack of trust in the universe” as a description for anxiety in a book which explains the spiritual significance of illness’ it immediately resonated with me, and has since helped me to understand my own limitations.

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Transcending the Material World

When I have sat down to do my daily yoga practice recently, I have immediately felt a strange, yet comforting sensation. I close my eyes, shutting out the outside world and am faced with nothing other than my own consciousness and an occasional thought from the rational mind. What I feel is a sense that this is so much more real than anything else I experience on a daily basis, which is really an illusion, or a game, in which I am a mere player. It is a sense that the relationship I have with my ‘higher self’ is more important than anything in the materialistic world. Sometimes, when the rational mind stops and I look at myself as though looking at my higher self in a mirror, I feel something that is like home.

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Cruising the Caribbean: Finding Waves on Central America’s East Coast

Exploring the Caribbean side of Costa Rica & Panama, and finding waves no one talks about…

It was July, and we were in Pavones: home to the “best waves in Costa Rica”, and the longest left-breaking wave in the world, so legend has it. Our expectations were high, we had arrived in the dark with our surfboards, unprepared for the lack of services but looking forward to the famous wave. Pavones is a cute town on the Pacific coast of Costa Rica, and a place where talk constantly revolves around the subject of waves (my kind of people).

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