Uvita’s Whale Tail

A poetic memoir

That day, we walked across flat exposed plains of sand towards the point of the Whale’s Tail which stretched out into the ocean. The rain came, licking our skin in soft drops. We kicked our feet through the water, and were the first to arrive at the tail’s edge,. a sandback

Surrounded by shallow water, with droplets falling from the sky and the soft white clouds a clear reflection in the smooth sand which became a mirror. We floated on the clouds amidst white midst and the grey of the rain water merging with the sea until all was white, clean and still. We dived under the water, reaching a pure and heavy silence as the rain poured from the world above. Here we were safe, here there as nothing but the hug of the ocean’s giganticness and the small shell creatures living peacefully. We skimmed across the mirror like ice skaters to reach the sandbank in the shape of a whale’s tail, the best spot to see whales out in the wide ocean in all of Central America, and a miracle.

I was the falling rain and he was the sea, or I was the sea and he was the rain. We merged into the water to become one, misty, grey, perfection. We came from the sea, and to the sea we will return.


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