Why Bees are the Boss (+ 5 Recommended Health Foods)


Bees play an essential role in our world’s ecosystem. They labour away to keep their hive, queen and their fellow bees alive, and by extracting and consuming their extra honey and other products we can experience amazing health benefits. Flax seeds and chia seeds are vital sources of protein, and play a secret role in vegan baking. The ancient Japanese tea kombucha has been claimed to lift the mood, and papaya is one of the softest foods your body can digest. Read on to find out more about these superfoods.

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Lima’s Flower Display Celebrates Semana Santa and the Beginning of Spring


Semana Santa, or Easter Holy Week, is one of the most celebrated festivities in Peru. The country has been Catholic since the 15th century Spanish invasion, but has a much longer history of practicing ritual and tradition. If it were even possible for Peru’s bustling capital to become even busier, Semana Santa is the week when it does. Whilst this can be a problem when you’re trying to buy flowers and the queue is longer than the street you’re on, there are ways Peruvians celebrate this occasion which are delightful and surprising. The flower display in Surco is particularly striking, and represents Lima’s appreciation for the Catholic faith, as well as an ability to organise a social event in style.

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Karma ⇔

Karma derives from ancient Indian philosophy, and is defined as “the universal causal law by which good or bad actions determine the future modes of an individual’s existence.” I often wonder about karma, and how it functions in my life. When too many bad things happen sequentially, I start to wonder.. am I bad person? I am often unusually lucky also, and people have noticed and commented on my so called ‘luck’ before. But does this make mean a ‘good’ person? Or do things just happen?

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Synchronicity ∞

There is one aspect of life which is proving magical for me every day a the moment, and that is synchronicity. wonderful wonderful synchronicity. what some people call ‘coincidence’, I call the universe unfolding exactly as it’s supposed to, just like a miracle. every day an incredible synchronicity occurs which proves yet again that the cosmos is an unexplainable vortex of energy, crashing and colliding, with the occasional crystal clear harmonious happening.

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Mindfulness, Yoga and Meditation: Tips for Feeling More in Control

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What are fireworks? They are colourful, bright, beautiful and a symbol of a celebration. They can also be painful, loud and scary.. if you see them that way. I like to view thoughts like fireworks. They can paint a beautiful, awesome picture if you have them under control. Out of control and they can be too loud and even painful. The most important thing to remember, however, is that you are always in control. Even if it doesn’t feel like it, you have autonomy. Thoughts are like clouds passing over our sky, they may cloud our consciousness but they do not define our existence.

As the Tao says, “Stop thinking, and end your problems.”  Here are some things I practise to think less, and live more in the present.

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Do Filmmakers have a Social Responsibility for what they Show in their Films?

Cultural Commentary.

A few months ago I was living in Australia, and I went to see the film ‘Deadpool’ after being invited by a friend. I can’t deny that the film has some really great moments, a funny script and actors I respect a lot, but still I struggled to sit through the film. At first I thought there was something wrong with me, because at times when others were deeply engaged in the film I was shielding my eyes and hiding behind my hoody. My friend thought I was joking, but at one point I got up and left for a while to take a break from the screen. I am a very sensitive person, but I found it a bit strange that I was the only person in the cinema who seemed so affected by the upfront and direct violence in the film. Following this experience, I began to wonder what it was that made something, i.e., explicit violence in films, so attractive to some people but yet so difficult for me to watch.

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A Gran(d) Canarian Adventure


From our small apartment next to the sea, we walked to the town of Galdar and back every day along dusty roads dotted with wild cacti and vegetation.

Along haphazard paths and roads we came home with the afternoon sun painting the path ahead of us gold. As we bounced home leaping across the rugged landscape, our skin glowed in the fading light. The way was paved with adventure. Sometimes the road simply ceased to exist, and choices of pavement became endless: steep hills between houses, ragged stone walkways and the rocky grassy space in between. This is Galdar, the seaside town in the province of Las Palmas, where colourful square houses rest in clumps on the horizon beneath a backdrop of misty volcanos. Continue reading “A Gran(d) Canarian Adventure”

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